Already mastering a camera at 8 years-old, David’s most notable first big break was as Annie Leibowitz’s camera and lighting assistant - traveling the world and working on the now-legendary Vanity Fair and American Express assignments.  

Striking out on his own, David relocated to Los Angeles and created a name and extensive portfolio for himself in the music industry - shooting icons and luminaries such as Fleetwood Mac, Jane’s Addiction, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kiss in both photography and music videos.

Finding a real love and knack for the nuts and bolts of production itself, David transitioned into the commercial advertising world, as Producer for world-renowned commercial photographer Vincent Dixon and his highly technical, complex, and stirring work.

This collaboration led to the founding of Brite Productions where David represented A-List photographers and developed talented up-and-comers.  After a several years and a stronger preference for the production and creative end of projects, David founded SAFProductions, specializing in complicated, large-scale print advertising.